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NOTE: Natrail is currently not working due to changes in the National Rail site.

NatRail is a Perl script that makes querying the UK National Rail timetable a little less painful.

Jump straight to the web interface to use NatRail.

(hosting kindly provided by the UK Free Software Network).

In the web interface the results page can be bookmarked to call up important or often-used queries. NatRail deals with getting results for today if you don't specify a date, and for now if you don't specify a time.

Alternatively, it can work on the command line like so:

./natrail --from "Newcastle" --to "London"

See some example output.

If you have problems using this script try the problems page.

Read the TODO list. Contributions are welcome.

It can be downloaded from its sourceforge page.

If you have any problems, comments or patches, please contact us on the mailing list.

Also, check out this alternative site: for an accessible version of the original National Rail site.

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